Episode 209 “Learning New Lessons”

Episode 209 “Learning New Lessons”


We’re Live! YouTube live discussion in progress.  EntreProgrammers attempt to do a live stream with chat. John talks about a how he an Chuck have a sickness to feel sick and eat junk food. Bad STDs according to Mani. John talks about his recovery strategy of resting a fasting.


John talks about learning new lessons when you get sick, and how to maintain without throwing your health down the drain. Mani takes John’ suggestion to do more videos per week. Mani talks about committing to doing two videos per week and do updates and announcements.


John talks about sending an F-U to Moscow. Chuck talks about how people are approaching him about starting new shows, possible new shows starting in the next few months. Mani talks about how he can do more videos, regardless of lighting and equipment.


Mani’s voices his concern with quality. John talks about how to start out with video recording and keeping up with consistency. Chuck talks about how he knows a friend who records his podcasts from the car, because the content is more important, compared to the quality.


EntreProgrammers talk about podcast production ahead of time for the month. EntreProgrammer talks about strategies for war or crude behavior on videos. Mani talks about meeting with someone who knew his podcasts. Mani talks about getting invited to speak at Podfest.


Chuck talks about releasing the new Vue and React podcasts, during an update on the website. So there were some issues with subscribing and listening. Chuck talks about using the Smart Play podcast to listen to shows on the website.  Chuck talks about the new features on the podcast page.


Chuck continues with details about the podcast page update. Chuck talk about an update for the course and delaying recording because he was sick. Also more on automation on test coding process. Chuck talks about going to an upcoming Meetup Event in Denver.


Mani mentions to Josh that they need to do another promotion. Chuck mentions that he could probably help sell some of Mani’s products on his network.


Josh talks about doing one more affiliate offer and working with another programmer who does Python. Josh talks about the many different features of this particular course, and how he wants to do a launch. John talks about further discounting the product.


Josh talks about testing with internal backlinks and doing outreach with a particular product. Josh mentions doing some cold call for the first time. Josh goes into the time it takes to finish the testing and other kinds of extra detailed tasks to make these backlinks work properly.


Mani suggests a cold call video tool Bonjour . Mani explains how the tool is connected. More talk about how the tool works.  Josh talks about keywords and marketing tactics for their current products. Also some info on long tail keywords.


Josh talks about moving EntreProgrammers over and talks about teams sets up for invoicing and keeping account separate but easily payable. More talk about traffic and funnels.

Josh mentions generating urgency and doing promotions. Josh gives example with the interview cake promotion.


Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – Look back at what you accomplished

Josh – Figure when the extra effort is going to pay-off

John –  Riding the horse is fine, being dragged by the horse is bad

Mani – Free content!