Month: May 2022

  • Episode 395 “Setting The Right Filter”

    We’re live. John and Mani get the conversation going with how the process of admittance in their programs should be, getting the right client is the core foundation that the program needs to work. There are definitely many ways to filter clients or even get an onboarding process, this is going to entirely depend on […]

  • Episode 394 “The Hot Seat”

    We’re Live. Today the guys are starting off with a new segment called the hot seat, where each of them gets a specific amount of time to show any kind of issue on his entrepreneurship and get the feedback needed to get the best possible solution. Definitely, an interesting way to solve problems and get […]

  • Episode 393 “Pain Points”

    We’re Live. Once again the boys are trying new blood for the team, and it has started an amazing debate of what the pain points are for each of the clients and what actually are the ones that work as selling points. The perfect example of this was Mani’s Focus blocks, which in this particular […]

  • Episode 392 “Different Utilities”

    We’re LIve. Getting a new partner in the entreprogrammers podcast has been a long endeavor and has definitely not been successful, some guests show up once and then do not show up anymore. John and Mani agree that when this happens is just not the right fit, but, MAni has a theory on why this […]

  • Episode 391 “Show Your Guns”

    We’re Live. New blood is coming into town and one of the first steps, when this happens, is to start sharing strategies with one another, based on their entrepreneurship and perspectives. Which always proves to be quite helpful, no matter how much time you have spent on a business there will be that missing that […]