Month: April 2022

  • Episode 390 “Finding Real Value”

    We’re Live. There’s always a project that just does not work no matter what amount of effort you put into it, the idea could be solid but if people don’t see the real value in it it’s just not going to work. John and Mani Analyse various scenarios when this happens and steps to follow […]

  • Episode 389 “Take The Risk”

    We’re Live. John recently hired someone dedicated to sales, that is helping him through Instagram dm and other areas. It turns out that the price range was way higher than expected, but, is it worth it? It Absolutely is and here they tell you why. There are lots of benefits that come from high risks, […]

  • Episode 388 “The Wrong Picture”

    We’re Live. One of the most common things to happen in any enterprise, webinar, or any kind of business is that the client gets the whole perspective of it wrong, especially when the matter is making money. John and Mani have an interesting discussion about the most important factors of this process that most people […]

  • Episode 387 “People Fail the System”

    We’re live. The guys are in new offices and talking about productivity systems that have worked and also failed in the past, coming to one logical conclusion: Systems work, people are the ones who fail. There’s one simple explanation for this and it is based on accountability basically, there’s nothing that forces you to commit […]