Month: November 2021

  • Episode 376 ”Boosting Strategies”

    We’re Live. John is pretty happy at the moment because one of his strategies had an amazing list of emails and subscribers to one of his programs. The funny thing is that it really was a small one and the reward was big. Sometimes the most powerful message can be the shortest one, and in […]

  • Episode 375 “Attention To Detail”

    We’re Live. John Starts off with the situation that he’s handling for the project manager spot, long story short is not working out. There is a series of skills that a person needs to have in order to fulfill this job at the level that John requires. Mani Agrees, these strengths that make you excel […]

  • Episode 374 “Bottleneck in our Business”

    We’re Live. Long time since the guys had a chat to talk about their business and one of the first topics that John brings to the table is the need to delegate certain tasks that are put simply, It takes too much time to do although is easy stuff but they are annoying in a […]