Month: July 2021

  • Episode 367 “Getting Over Frustration”

    We’re Live, Chuck is currently having some issues with his entrepreneurial process, he’s lacking motivation and actually is just doing the steps without the proper angle, so the outcome is not being the best. He has an interesting conversation with Mani about this issue and brings to the table that your process is not going […]

  • Episode 366 “Ideal Customer”

    We’re Live. One of the main concerns of any entrepreneurship is the niche. This is a  decision that has to be made on day one before starting off, based on this the whole strategy will move accordingly. Word of advice, the specific the niche the better. Once this process is completed, then you got to […]

  • Episode 365 “Quick Results”

    We’re Live. It’s a fact that people when committing to a program or something, in particular, want quick results. In the area of Coaching, clients can go away if the results are not seen or the value of the program in a very short time, they tend to feel disappointed and just leave. This is […]