Month: June 2021

  • Episode 364 “Just Use It”

    We’re Live. Selling Memberships is hard, there’s no doubt about it. According to Mani the secret here is to get the client to use your product, that’s it. Once they are there they are hooked up. And that’s the mission of entrepreneurship, you need to offer a product that keeps the client coming in, which […]

  • Episode 363 “Resources”

    We’re Live. The guys start an interesting conversation based on where to apply their efforts with the number of resources that always keep flowing in, Chuck is currently having some issues because the business is not reflecting well on the revenue. Is not a problem of Traffic, all the effort must be mapping out to […]

  • Episode 362 “High-Quality Leisures”

    We’re Live. Getting things is definitely the core factor when you’re an entrepreneur. The guys talk recently about focus blocks that have really helped improve this process, today brings up something extremely important. High-quality leisures are activities outside of work (no matter what they are) that bring some form of creativity or positive reinforcement. For […]

  • Episode 361 “Focus Blocks”

    We’re Live. Chuck starts off with some issues he’s got with getting people to actually convert to clients, emphasis on doing a headline that will capture the person without even seeing the complete landing page is the key here. Focus is the main issue here, the conversation segways to this topic which is mani current […]