Month: May 2021

  • Episode 360 “Recurring Payment”

    We’re Live. The guys start off smoothly to a subject that seemed not that important but in the end, it makes you feel safe as entrepreneurs and it is a recurring payment. Chuck talks about he usually takes sponsorships under contract for a number of episodes of the podcast,.then has to go through this process […]

  • Episode 359 “Intentions to Accountability”

    We’re Live. Mani starts off by saying that he has launched a new business. It is definitely a different and exciting concept. As we know Mani likes to experiment with new things to get the best outcome possible. There’s a serious issue on possible clients that have not been taken care of is that intentions […]

  • Episode 358 “Start Listening”

    We’re Live. First Off, there’s a nice retrospective about how long these guys have been doing Podcast shows, a long time indeed more than 10 years which is incredible taking into account how much the programming community has changed. In Other Topics, Chuck brings out that in sales call he realizes that he has to […]