Month: April 2021

  • Episode 357 “Relationships”

    We’re Live. Chuck Starts by saying to the guys that during a business trip to Nashville, some things that happened there made him realize that his business’s focus has not been in the right place the whole time. His Business is based on Technology but it needs to be focused on relationships, that’s where everything […]

  • Episode 356 “Sequencing”

    We’re Live. Mani brings up a subject that is really interesting and very important if you are planning on becoming an entrepreneur. There are literally thousands of courses and coaches that will teach you how to get your business going and hundreds of things that you have to do at the same time in order […]

  • Episode 355 “Life or Death”

    We’re Live. Chuck starts off with something that has been in his mind for the last couple of  weeks, he feels that from a certain point of view he has not fought for something with everything he’s got because all of his life that need was never there. It’s not that he’s been doing things […]