Month: March 2021

  • Episode 354 “Patience is Key”

    We’re Live..Mani starts off sharing with the guys an anecdote of a technique he learned to actually lose the minimum amount of money during the test phase when segmenting an audience. The usual steps were testing to a broad audience, get the data, and then narrow the audience to get the proper response, this technique […]

  • Episode 353 “Attentive Marketer”

    We’re Live. This week Mani explains to the guys the whole process that he has been working on for the last couple of weeks, and it has been quite a journey. He has been going through a transformation on how he’s doing things, some of the stuff is experimental but most of it has been improved […]

  • Episode 352 “Converter Sales Page”

    We’re Live. John starts off the conversation with a boom, he’s looking to Sale Simple Programmer. No surprise it is actually something that was predicted because he’s entirely focused on other stuff at the moment. In Other Topics, Mani’s experiment with ads was a complete success, numbers are coming in and as he says it […]

  • Episode 351 “Tasks Take Time”

    We’re Live. Starts off with some good news from his Masterclass, better numbers than expected, he;s at a point that he can raise the price on the masterclass which is great. Only to find that sweet spot where people keep coming in and keeping the audience that really wants to stay and take advantage of […]