Month: February 2021

  • Buy Generic Nebido Online

        Nebido is a trademark of the original drug under the active substance testosterone undecanoate which is sold under a different brand in India called Cernos Depot which is produced by Sun Pharma, this company has been producing medical preparations for 30 years and has established itself in the global pharmaceutical market. Our suppliers […]

  • Buy Generic Androgel Online

        As you already know, we help you buy Androgel under the brand name Cernos Gel which is generic for Androgel from India with guaranteed delivery and the best prices from the company Sun Pharma, which has been working in the pharmaceutical market for more than 30 years. We have contacts with the best […]

  • Buy generic Imovane online

      Buy generic Imovane Online Zopiclone is a cyclopyrrolone sedative that is typically used for the treatment of sleeplessness caused by the insomnia sleeping disorder. The medication can be ingested by troubled sleepers before bedtime to ensure that sleep will come faster and with little to no effort. Additionally, the applied sedative effects of the […]

  • Episode 350 “Branding”

    We’re live. John and Mani have a nice talk about branding which Mani is thinking of do major changes to his. New Logo, Color s chem, the whole nine yards. This a crucial step in the wholesale scenario. It basically means you are professional and doing business, that’s what the branding is going  to represent, […]

  • Episode 349 “Approaching a sales conversation”

    We’re Live. Chuck and Mani start off the conversation by talking about their workspace and how important it is to separate work from home, it may sound simple but it makes such a big difference in the productivity levels that is just amazing. It’s the difference between normal work and amazing work. Coming back to […]

  • Episode 348 “Language for Sales”

    We’re Live. Chuck and /mani start off checking up their sales pages approach, both basically have the same program which is a Mastermind program, a high ticket product that requires specific language or approach if you will, to capture that specific client. This has to be evolving every time, for example, Mani on his program […]

  • Episode 347 “GameStop”

    We´re Live. Chuck and John start off with the most recent events on the stock market, which was something that nobody expected it was even possible, but they did it. This is what a revolution is, this represents the great deal of control that people can have only if they organized on go against the […]