Month: January 2021

  • Episode 346 “Sense of Value”

    We´re Live. Chuck is currently doing a second take on his product getting the new emails the 2nd go, it definitely showed improvement but there´s still room for improvement. One of the main reasons the emails are not fully working is because they are not creating a sense of value. This is crucial in order […]

  • Episode 345 “Minor Setback”

    We’re Live. Chuck starts off the conversation with that one of his projects did not hit any sales. This was surprising because he said that everything was done as planned, prediction numbers were good, it was supposed to work. Mani proposes to analyze the whole situation, after a delicate and special search they found what […]

  • Episode 344 “Time and Effort”

    We´re Live. Chuck and John with the controversial topic of the week, (we all know what happened) but they are here to talk about how to make money as Mani appointed. Lots of Stuff on Chuck Plate right now, Mani advises him that timing is crucial here and that the effort must be focused on […]

  • Episode 343 “Enterprise Value”

    We´re Live. Chuck starts off by saying that heñs passing through Covid right now, and apparently John has it too. So, Quick recovery for these guys.  In Other Topics, Chuck explains that current plans are going well but is something that is solely base on sponsorship, Mani advises him that he needs to build for […]