Month: December 2020

  • Episode 342 “Upcoming Plans”

    We’re Live. John and Mani are discussing future plans for 2021, this involves experimenting in areas that not been tested before, John Despises Tiktok but he’s conscious that this the biggest rapid growth media at the moment, so investments have been done. Mani on the other hand is going full-on with the Ad strategy which […]

  • Episode 341 “Focus & New Ideas”

    We´re Live. Right now Chuck is moving his Weels towards his entrepreneurship, and things are looking good. There’s a ton of stuff that’s coming his way and the main thing that he needs to do now is focused on the correct choices. Lots of new ideas were discussed with the guys in order for Chuck […]

  • Episode 340 “Keep an eye for details”

    We’re Live. Chuck is really starting to get his business moving with all that’s going with the full work and whatnot, business never seems to stop just slowed the pace. The decision-making process is extremely important in this whole endeavor, although money is thriving, Mani advises him to always te keep an eye on stuff […]

  • Episode 339 “Spoils go to the victor”

    We’re Live. After a Very strange Black Friday the guys came Through way better than expected. Now is time to analyze the whole process to make sure that this can be applied to any upcoming situations, the guys tell it as it is, they were nervous and pretty sure that the strategies were not going […]

  • Episode 338 “Black Friday?”

    We’re Live. John and Mani, have a weird figuring out what is going with Black Friday? John has a theory on it, there’s not much hype this year there’s no actual rush to go and take the sales. There are different variations to this, sales and good deals are still going on, but there’s a […]