Month: November 2020

  • Episode 337 “Time to Decide”

    We’re Live. The guys start the conversation talking about the difference manufacturers on tech right and who’s really got their game on, there’s definitely a lot to choose from especially next year which there’s going to be a lot of new stuff coming. John has taken the decision to quit running, which surprises the guys […]

  • Episode 336 “The Tech Community”

    We’re live. John received an interesting tweet that could have created a whole new internet drama. It turns out his old publisher was trying to get a book with the same name as John’s Soft Skills Book… the shame. Nevertheless, things were cleared out and they decided to change the name of the book, which […]

  • Episode 335 “Obstacles in the Way”

    We´re live. Chuck is on the verge of taking an important decision regarding his full-time job, and the entrepreneurship that he wants to keep on doing. But there´s definitely a ton of stuff that comes in the way to do this, it has been a crossroad for Chuck, he has said it out loud.  Nevertheless, […]

  • Episode 334 “The Level of Dedication”

    We’re Live. Chuck is currently training for a marathon and he’s looking forward to an Iron Man. This Triathlon is not a walk in the park, it is compared to a full 50-mile run which is really difficult to do and requires a lot of training. The guys have a conversation on this topic, on […]