Month: October 2020

  • Episode 333 “Grass is Greener”

    We’re Live. John is currently trying to catch on to some stuff that he needs to do while Chuck is already based on his new full-time job, which he’s not quite happy about it. Not that there’s anything wrong with the job itself, but is just not what he wants to do. Although time has […]

  • Episode 332 “Building Ads”

    We’re live. John is currently working on some ads that are much longer than ads usually are and it’s struggling to get the right topics and building the whole structure around it. Mani is actually a lot of help on this due to his background and pitches some great ideas in order to build this […]

  • Episode 331 “The Name of the Game”

    We’re Live. John Was recently in a conference where he had to some talking and the topic was a bit controversial, it was basically a “Mans man” conference but he had the approach of feminism. Many women were there just to get the perception that will lead them out of the toxic ways of false […]