Month: August 2020

  • Episode 328 “High Stress Levels”

    We’re Live. John is currently on his training for the 100-mile marathon, actually on site. There’s actually rumors of a possible cancellation of the whole event due to the pandemic. Bulldog Mindset has got a good Growth recently on the membership side of things, numbers are rising organically at a good pace, small changes on […]

  • Episode 327 “Unexpected News”

    We’re Live. John is planning on taking a trip to finish off his training for the 100-mile marathon that he’s planning to do. A Whole month just to get your body adapted to the high altitude that he’s going to be facing on this marathon. On Other Topics, Chuck landed a great sponsorship from a […]

  • Episode 326 “Full-time Job”

    We’re Live. New strategies are arising regarding Affiliate Marketing. Chuck is testing out some new stuff on Podcast episodes, also John Is trying a new approach too. It seems to me that there’s no end to the possibilities of this type of marketing. Although, the guys agreed there’s one best way to do it. In […]

  • Episode 325 “Tough Decisions”

    We’re Live. John had some bad time during training recently. He’s training for a 100-mile run and one of the phases of the training was doing a really complicated Hike., Let’s just say he had a bad time on it, almost broke both of his ankles and ran out of water. In Other Topics, Chuck […]