Month: July 2020

  • Episode 324 “Showing Progress”

    We’re live. Chuck is currently having some issues with his email that are actually affecting his finances, the list of mails started to go to spam and he had to change to another email address. Turns out the transition is taking longer than expected. Continuing with the business side of things, Chuck is doing good […]

  • Episode 323 “Narrow Your Audience”

    We’re Live. Chuck and John start comparing notes with their training schedule. Chuck is actually extremely tired with the whole training and eating well, and Jhon due to his training is eating a ton of food and keeps getting hungry. In Other Topics, John is currently experimenting with some Ads to capture a specific type […]

  • Episode 322 “The Higher Level”

    We’re Live. Chuck and John are currently full with work and also training, which has been a nightmare for John, because he needs to get more sleep than usual. Chuck is getting back to training but going at a slow pace.  Things have been going interesting for Chuck, he has been trying some new stuff […]

  • Episode 321 “Change, Adapt, Overcome”

    We’re Live. As we know John is planning to do another really difficult run and one of the training processes is adjusting to the altitude, like all things is about really knowing the field and feel confident about it.  On This note, Chuck is actually looking for product placement that will generate income outside of […]