Month: June 2020

  • Episode 320 “The Good Old Days”

    We’re Live. John and Mani are currently working on a promotion and it’s going way better than expected, it seems to me that some old tricks seem to do the work, and even work better than before. After analyzing the data they cam to a clear conclusion, if the product is extremely clear to the […]

  • Episode 319 “The Master of Clickbait”

    We’re Live. John has recently been having a lot of traffic on his Youtube Channel Bulldog Mindset, various factors have arise to show that are contributing to this cause, like good clickbait names.  He’s been currently working with a new video editor, which is doing a great job in making the videos smooth transitioning as […]

  • Episode 318 “Don’t Give Up”

    We’re Live. So One of the first things that pop out in the conversation is that John recently finished a 50-mile run, which is something incredibly difficult, talk about Bulldog Mindset huh? Pun aside, Congrats to John on this Achievement, and He’s actually planning on doing the 100-mile run. Way to go. In Other Topics, […]

  • Episode 317 “Halfway There”

    We’re Live. What a year it has been, definitely the most interesting ones in decades. All situations aside business has thrive no matter what. Guys start the conversation reviewing various experiments and processes that they have been through the year so far, and actual numbers are not bad at all. Marketing has proven to be […]

  • Episode 316 “Hot Potato”

    We’re Live. Chuck starts off with an anecdote about a person that both he and John have done business with, In Fact, had a nice trade with this person which actually made him earn a good amount of signups to his membership plan. Small World huh?  In other topics, Chuck is experimenting with affiliates at […]