Month: May 2020

  • Episode 315 “Simplifying Things”

    We’re live. John starts the conversation with a nostalgia train remembering the founding members of Entreprogrammers, also that intro needs to changed LOL. In other topics, chuck is experimenting with his podcast audience and it’s looking for advice from Jhon looking for the best possible outcome. John is actually going through some employee changes, training […]

  • Episode 314 “Upsells Are Not as Good as They Used To Be”

    We’re Live. John and Mani are currently doing a promotion together through the Simple Programmer Channel, testing different approaches to the current market right now. Turns Out Upsell is working less than expected, which at the moment is really not a bad thing, they are testing the market at the moment so it’s basically a […]

  • Episode 313 ” Sanding Off The Edges”

    We’re Live. Recently Chuck and John did a small partnership helping out Chuck with some sales using the Simple Programmer Audience, and it worked. Not only worked, but it also did pretty well. 50-50 share and both parties got a nice chunk. But now comes the step, pull up the next step strategy, and look […]

  • Episode 312 “Sales Are Coming Back”

    We’re Live. Great news from the guys. All points out that recent strategies are working on bringing sales home. People are constantly online these days. Chuck made a few alterations on one of his sites design-wise and had a big sales uprising in just one week. John has been applying new strategies as well, and […]