Month: March 2020

  • Episode 307 “The Name Of The Game: Survive”

    We’re Live. Chuck and John definitely have been affected by the whole situation. Many businesses are doing stuff for free just to keep clientele. It’s definitely hard times ahead. Regarding the decisions made worldwide, the guys have a discussion on how principles should be taken into account rather than morals or even science. Economic shutdown […]

  • Episode 306 “Common Sense Is Not The Law”

    We’re Live. Guys start the conversation debating all the processes that they have been gone through (and the population) due to the lockdown, quarantine, etc. There’s a lot of contradiction with what the government is doing and the constitution, but the bottom line is basically the only way to control a majority of people that […]

  • Episode 305 “The COVID-19 Effect”

    We’re Live. Coronavirus has had a huge effect on the economy in the last passing weeks, and the guys were not left out in this process. John Starts the conversations by telling how he lost a big amount of money on a bad investment due to bad timing and the current situation. This goes for […]

  • Episode 304 ” The Sales Streak Is Over”

    We’re Live. Mani Starts the conversation summarizing last week for Chuck, he went with John to meet up with high ticket players in the business and conferences just to increase the contact, overall great Week for the guys. On the other hand, things have slowed down for Chuck, the sale streak has stopped, almost to […]