Month: February 2020

  • Episode 303 “High Quality Customer”

    We’re Live. John and Mani start the conversation reviewing a strategy that Jhon has been applying to Bulldog Mindset recently, the thing is, he’s looking for high-quality clients only which is a niche that can be tricky. He has been trying different things but they have not been working as expected.  Mani gives really specific […]

  • Episode 302 “The Leads Hunt”

    We’re Live. Chuck solve his issue with the email broadcast and has got his team ready for action. On the other hand, it appears than the outsourced way to get the leads works well, he’s currently finalizing details on it, and yes, business it’s on the top for chuck. Another week to the record! The […]

  • Episode 301 “Guilty By Association”

    We’re Live. Another week in a row for Chuck with Sales through the roof! But not all is good news, he has an issue with the payments, but nonetheless sales don’t seem to want to end at least for the nearest feature. Continuing on the Chuck Sales Fest, He’s reviewing some steps with John, One […]

  • Episode 300 “A System That Works”

    We’re Live. Chuck is absolutely killing it with sales, he has made more sales in 3 weeks than the whole last year, Incredible moment for chuck and he just keeps on getting more. He.s currently looking for ways to increase his leads, share some stuff with the guys and John like it so much that […]