Month: January 2020

  • Episode 299 “Keeping Momentum”

    We’re Live. Guys start the conversation with how they’re trying to get back on track with their exercise routine. Chuck is thinking of doing the Dopey challenge, John relives this as the hell that it was haha. John is actually training for a 100-mile run this year, which is a big step up and a […]

  • Episode 298 “The Pursuit For Sales”

    We’re Live. Chuck starts the conversation with Mani, talking about his whole process of sale through email marketing, numbers, conversion rates, etc. He’s doing good and does a great job at it, but it’s the more tiresome area of the business, really pursuing those sales. Chuck Makes it clear that he’s tired of it, Mani […]

  • Episode 297 “Call Me When You Need To Make Money”

    We’re Live. John starts the conversation about a person that has worked with him recently and marks a recurrent trend, they only go to John when they want to make money otherwise, he’s not on the radar. Most of the “Liberal” People have their ideals always in front until they start a business, once you […]

  • Episode 296 “Big Plans”

    We’re Live. Great Sales Plans to start 2020 for Chuck, has 3 major goals to reach. Not impossible ones, but difficult to achieve. Big numbers to reach and one of the things that Chuck is doing is documenting his whole process on Sales, There’s a possibility that in the future somebody else could take care […]