Month: November 2019

  • Episode 292 “Best Seller”

    We´re live. Chuck had great success with his Book Launch, Currently a best seller in Amazon, Kudos! But not everything was peachy for this book. It was a really long and tiresome process to finally get the product ready, this includes cover, digital files, audible version, etc. Chuck Tells his story about the whole Journey […]

  • Episode 291 “The Witchhunt Continues!”

    We’re live. And the Witchhunt Continues! Believe it or not ladies and gentlemen, they are still pursuing Chuck and John to take them down from the internet (LOL). This is practically impossible for 2 main reasons, John is practically showing his middle finger to their faces and he’s just going to keep at it, that’s […]

  • Episode 290 “Internet is a happy place”

    We´re Live. The guys start the conversation with a situation that concerns Chuck, regarding the Linux Foundation. Chuck is thinking about this because he doesn’t want any trouble. John Clearly says he has a case here, Chuck was publicly defamed. The situation has blown out of proportion for a lot of time, the guys just […]