Month: October 2019

  • Episode 289 “No Privilege”

    We´re Live. Chuck and John Tell us a funny anecdote of how hatred took over a twitter post from Chuck, John probably did not respond the most civil way haha. People ended up calling any type of names the guys, but that´s how it is in the social storm right? Never on an argument, always […]

  • Episode 288 “Family & Business”

    We´re Live. Satya explains to Chuck the process of how he manages his whole business, which is divided into 3 parts. Gives great explanation and Chuck is something completely different from how things are managed in life. Lots of learning here. Satya is a Family man but has accomplished dividing family and business in a […]

  • Episode 287 “Best Moment to Hire”

    We´re Live. John is crunching some numbers for Bulldog Mindset, and it’s looking really good. Low Expenses and big Revenue, the next step now is to increment the expenses to get even bigger revenue. This became the main topic of conversation, When is the best time to hire? Expenses will always need to grow in […]

  • Episode 286 “Start From Zero?”

    We´re Live. Guys start the conversation sharing a few laughs about an accident that Chuck had and has a nice scar in the head to prove it hehe (Harry potter Reference comes in). Chuck´s First Marathon is coming in, he feels ready. John Gives him some advice but overall it’s looking good for chuck. John […]