Month: August 2019

  • Episode 282 “Long Term Decisions”

    We´re Live. The conversation starts on how much Chuck is doing in half a month, he is crunching really good numbers, although he´s been slacking on his major focus which is sponsorship sales, this is great for him because he´s a master at this. John Tells him clearly, that he doesn’t know anybody who can […]

  • Episode 281 “Your Money, My Time”

    We´re Live. The guys talk about about a system to minimize decisions called Flywheel, it works really well. Mani explained clearly, with fewer decisions you add it works better so you need to focus. Chuck is getting really good on his running, is competing on a Bulldog Mindset Challenge against marathon runners and he´s killing […]

  • Episode 280 “Chuck at the Top”

    We´re Live, Guys talk about the app to record the program, Zoom seems to be working fine with the guys, but there´s a slight audio decrease on quality so bare with us. Chuck got a serious issue with his Drip account, they stop doing everything he configured to do without telling anything to him, Big […]

  • Episode 279 “Choose Wisely”

    We´re Live, The guys start discussing and comparing sales of the same product but with 2 different approaches, direct promo sales and a funnel to a sales pages. Funnels worked way much better and haven’t even finished the sale. There are different levels of audience or possible buyers to the product, this is important when […]