Month: July 2019

  • Episode 278 “The Pomodoro Contest”

    We´re Live. The guys start talking about a competition about Pomodoro, who´s more discipline who gets more Pomodoro done. John and Josh share strategies to work on this, using apps that block your social media or internet connection, but the guys agree that they are too smart for that, they will find a way around. […]

  • Episode 277 “Social Media Transformation”

    We´re Live. John is checking back with his 10 Pomodoro a day technique, and it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes. It´s the equivalent of 4 weeks of work in 1 week, that´s something else. To put the cherry on top, between 5 Pomodoro break, he´s reading a book. John talks about some […]

  • Episode 276 “You´ve got to push through”

    We´re Live. Google Hangouts is finally going die and supposedly going to be replaced by Youtube Webcam, we´ll see how it goes. Other topics, Charles feel off a roof and really hurt his elbow, he has a really funny anecdote on it. He´s a little worried because he´s got a 5k really soon, his doctor […]