Month: June 2019

  • Episode 275 “Pick up the Torch”

    We´re Live. The guys start the conversation with how Google gets so many apps on the run just to experiment with them, Wave or Google plus is just an example even Google Health, that are completely shut down right now. That just leads to knowing that sometimes google is out of their game, and this […]

  • Episode 274 “E-mail list Clean up”

    We´re Live. Chuck starts the conversation about some emails that he had with some producers and involves John in the process, there was some type of complaint of how John is writing his emails, looks like he´s not giving much information away, chuck wanted feedback from the guys on this. Chuck asks some advice to […]

  • Episode 273 “Youtube Algorithm”

    We´re Live. Mani wants some feedback on a video that changes his traffic with little details changed on it like changing the title and thumbnail, there was a huge difference in traffic and the guys are analyzing it. They´re not sure what actually happened, the various hypothesis is on but is a mystery still. They […]

  • Episode 272 “Build Your Brand”

    We´re Live. Mani Talks to the guys about an email campaign about some new courses that he´s developing and looking for feedback on this especially from Josh who´s done this lots of times for Simple Programmer. The main topic in this conversation is that when your doing a campaign there are two ways to do […]