Month: May 2019

  • Episode 271 “Price Point”

    We´re live. Mani talks with John about how he´s preparing to come back to his cycle of work, always a difficult thing to do especially when you have a long vacation. Mani is thinking about some launch that he wants to do, and his rambling on ideas. John Advice him to focus on the main […]

  • Episode 270 “You Pay For Social Media”

    We´re Live. Mani is back from his vacation, he reiterates how cheap it is to travel to Thailand and Bali. Although he had an amazing time and lots of fun, he was looking to work every day at least 4 hours but it becomes really difficult because he couldn’t find a proper place to work. […]

  • Episode 269 “Python is on”

    We´re Live. Chuck tells how ti went with the podcast booth. I manage to get a lot a business and a lot of sponsors, lots of contacts were made, which was the main goal for the booth, so incredibly great for Charles. The best thing about booth is that is movable, Charles is looking to […]

  • Episode 268 “The Simple Programmer Show”

    We´re Live. No Mani today, he´s on vacation in Thailand and Charles we are not sure where he is. So this is a Simple Programmer guys show. Guys talk about possible negotiations for the future of SP and a lot of people that are turning down because they don’t have a clue what they want […]