Month: April 2019

  • Episode 267 “Don´t Trust Facebook”

    We´re Live. Mani starts telling the guys that he´s going on a trip to Thailand and wants to spend as many time as possible there. Charles wants to take this trip, also would like to travel the world, as an experience that´s definitely going to take a lot of time. Josh Asks the guys for […]

  • Episode 266 “No Downtime”

    We´re Live. Guys start joking about John possibly having Mono, and Mani tells him that he´s pretty sure that he doesn’t have mono because mono is one most horrible experiences he´s had in his life. Apparently, he´s just tired. Mani is experimenting to find new stuff for his business to grow. He tells its really […]

  • Episode 265 “Taxes, Taxes, Taxes”

    We´re Live, Guys start talking about that they´re finally taking down hangouts but going to keep youtube streaming. Charles is still traveling having meetings with the sponsors for the podcast shows. Also giving an anecdote about a podcast booth that he is mounting. John gives advice to Charles on who to work with, that he […]

  • Episode 264 “Devil May Care Attitude”

    We´re Live. Charles starts sharing some good news that he´s got on the podcaster world, being super successful a looking for improvement. Lots of podcasters and sponsors want to work with Charles. Talks about some podcast show that have gone silent and had a great audience at one time wanting them to bring them back […]

  • Episode 263 “Subscriber Does Not Mean Sale”

    We´re Live. Josh Talks about how a negotiation went and getting some feedback from Mani. It went really well for Josh on this negotiation and the client ends up with a big profit too so everyone´s a winner. Mani gives advice to Josh about traffic and the debate starts on when you need organic traffic […]