Month: January 2019

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  • Episode 253 “Great Audiences & Collaborations”

    We´re Live, starting the show as a duo Josh and Mani talk about how John is running for “his life” on a marathon in Orlando, then start a discussion on how the Dan Lok Special went and how the promotions came through. Numbers were good. John Jumps into the conversation and talks about how Dan […]

  • Episode 252 “Sales Tactics & Strategies”

    John Talks about the experience with Dan Lok, how they take every detail for granted, even check with John to see how many sales he can make, how Many views his channel does, how many hits, the videos can make. The guy is no walk in the park. Everyone agreed that $2500 is a really […]

  • Episode 251 “Back From The Holidays”

    Charles Talks about jogging and the style of pacing and losing weight, comments that it has been really difficult to jog especially with the cold weather and that he has been doing his work on the treadmill. On the other hand, John said he gained like 10 pounds that he has been eating a lot […]

  • Episode 250 “Profitable Funnels”

    Episode 250 “Profitable Funnels”

    We’re live.  John talks but the trying to cancel the Pennsylvania tax form. John talks about trying to fill out a cancelation form for Pennsylvania taxes.  John mentions that Bulldog Mindset is ready as far as logos and website. Mani asks about the load time on the website. Mani suggests a website speedup process.  Chuck […]