Month: October 2018

  • Episode 241 “Do you want fries with that… ”

    Episode 241 “Do you want fries with that… ”

     0:15 We’re live. Josh ask if Mani was standing at his desk. Josh says he has runner knee. Mani and Josh talk about standing and actively standing and working.  John talks about the intensity of running and being on a call at a treadmill. More talks about exercise and working at the same time. […]

  • Episode 240 “Lazy Bulldog”

    Episode 240 “Lazy Bulldog”

    0:15  We’re Live. John talks about Google Hangouts going away. Chuck suggest moving to Zoom for recordings and live streaming. John talks about being back at it. John says he is going to be a bit more involved with projects at Simple Programmer and reviving the old Simple Programmer youtube channel. Mani ask is a […]

  • Episode 239 “I’m a Unique Snowflake”

    Episode 239 “I’m a Unique Snowflake”

    0:15 We’re Live! John is finally back home. EntreProgrammer talks about returning home from travels. John says he is done traveling until the Marathon in La Vegas in November. Chuck suggest to John doing an Ultra Marathon. John says depending on how he feels this might be his last marathon. John talks about hiring a […]

  • Episode 238 “Eat the Bear”

    Episode 238 “Eat the Bear”

     0:15 We’re Live. Chuck coming in from the Frameworks Summit in Park City Utah. Chuck gives a fun down of the various core teams and technologies being discussed at the Summit. Chuck talks about networking and meeting with previous guests on the podcasts show on Dev Chat TV. Chuck talks about being in Orlando last […]