Month: August 2016

  • Episode 131 “ I Have a Bad Case of Normal”

    Episode 131 “ I Have a Bad Case of Normal”

    Episode 131 “ I Have a Bad Case of Normal” 2:00 We’re Live! John mentions that EntreProgrammers got a down vote the last episode. John was a guess on the Coding Newbies podcast recently. John talks about taking what he says out of context. John refers back to and old Ruby Rouges episodes to explain […]

  • Episode 130 “Troglodytes”

    Episode 130 “Troglodytes”

    Episode 130 “Troglodytes” 2:00 We’re live! No Derick today. Derick is conducting his webinar. John talks about being late because of  being sucked into a Youtube comment. 8:00 EntreProgrammers continue to talk about the distortions in reality. John talks about taking the reality punch when meeting with the mastermind. 13:30 Josh asks about Chuck’s question […]

  • Episode 129 “To Busy To Shave”

    Episode 129 “To Busy To Shave”

      “To Busy To Shave” 2:00 We’re Live! Derick’s room lighting looks different. Derick shares his new lighting setup and new camera. New tools for new projects? 4:50 Josh shares that he just recently ended his experiment with home automation. Its a train wreck and more trouble than its worth. 7:00 Derick talks about getting […]

  • Episode 128 “Sticker Cheap…”

    Episode 128 “Sticker Cheap…”

    “Sticker Cheap…” 2:00 John mentions trying to connect to the internet last week. John talk about his experiences in China. John talks about his trip or tours of China. John talks about the language barrier and the difficulties of communication during the trip. 7:30 John talks about the difference between Europe and China, and language […]