Month: June 2016

  • Episode 123 “Cake and Burritos”

    Episode 123 “Cake and Burritos”

    Episode 123 “Cake and Burritos” 2:00 We’re Live! Josh is upset with Apple and hates change. EntreProgrammers discuss wireless headphones. John argues that new technology is forcing us to move forward. 11:20 Derick is impressed with the Apple Magic Track Pad. John mentions they need to start a new show doing tech reviews on their […]

  • Episode 122 “Veiny Bastard”

    Episode 122 “Veiny Bastard”

    Episode 122 “Veiny Bastard!” 2:00 We’re Live! Derick says he hired his first person on UpWork. Derick shares that he had to revamp the first posting of the job, with Josh’s help to get more people to apply for the job. 5:00 John talks about the changes in UpWork’s contracts with their Freelancers. Josh talks […]

  • Episode 121

    Episode 121

    Episode 121 “Pasty White…” 2:00 We’re Live!  Orangey John and Pasty Josh.  John talks share his sign up for a half marathon. 13.1 miles in just under 2 hours. “I just sign up yesterday!” Josh shares his knowledge on training for a marathon from his former client. 10:00 Derick talks about doing his webinar, telling […]

  • Episode 120 “Crabs In A Bucket”

    Episode 120 “Crabs In A Bucket”

    Episode 120 “Crabs In A Bucket” 2:00 John is having some modem troubles and Derick is excited about his new couch. Derick talks about rediscovering some forgotten toys under an old couch. Derick talks about how an old subscriber had renew their subscription with Watch Me Code. Derick also share some update information on his […]