Month: October 2014

  • Episode 36 Anti-Sponsor Apple Amazon

    Episode 36 Anti-Sponsor Apple Amazon

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast John’s funny look says it all when Derick says he wants to do a crazy radio broadcaster introduction for The EntreProgrammers Podcast which has received over 20,000 listeners according to the stats on podcast hosting service. Apple destroys a tremendous amount of programming by Josh, and he’s not too please about […]

  • Episode 35 Appreciation

    Episode 35 Appreciation

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast John talks about his experience with a “grumpy” cable guy and billing without TV that doesn’t really make any sense. The EntreProgrammers discuss download and upload power from their ISP. John’s book is over 1,000 in sales plus the publisher is suggesting a video to go with the book. Is this the […]

  • Episode 34 Warrior Diet

    Episode 34 Warrior Diet

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast Humans replaced by code? What’s good in the computer market? What’s the warrior diet? Programming robots? Why doesn’t Josh like iPhones? Derick’s Kindle Paperwhite is a lie? Derick refers to an EntreProgrammer fan, Matt Kremer, who offers a great deal of valuable information. Visit Matt’s web site at: A rather confusing […]

  • Episode 33 Seneca’s Letters

    Episode 33 Seneca’s Letters

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast The EntreProgrammers analyze different aspects that make-up a great entrepreneur; things get started with diet, after John explains an uneventful 10 hours of flight to get home. Diet, of course, is extremely important to the success of an entrepreneurial effort. Yes, you are what you eat which includes making business choices based […]

  • Episode 32 Marcus Aurelius

    Episode 32 Marcus Aurelius

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast Derick talks about his production schedule with WatchMeCode, just after spending 2.5 hours behind the mic. The approach that John recommended 2 weeks ago is now working for Derick as he focuses on one project for one week. Derick’s description of his production schedule is a lesson in itself to all entrepreneurs […]