Month: June 2014

  • Episode 18 John’s Life Path Decision

    Episode 18 John’s Life Path Decision

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast John’s life path, now, is to be made with one decision. He needs, in urgency, the high-end advice thriving consistently in the weekly Master Mind Sessions of The Entreprogrammers Podcast – he calls an emergency meeting with Josh and Derick. They quickly respond to John’s request and listen intently as he describes […]

  • Episode 17 No Crisis Here

    Episode 17 No Crisis Here

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast Where’s GetUpAndCode? Josh is a little saddened by John’s cut-back in the productions of GetUpAndCode. John quickly takes the moment to analyze the human nature living in a production schedule. John says, “Does it have to be so strict?” However, the fans of GetUpAndCode begin to expect shows on a certain schedule. […]

  • Episode 16 Josh’s True Reward

    Episode 16 Josh’s True Reward

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast John begins by asking Josh and Derick, “How are you guys doing.” Derick, in a Samurai shirt, says he wants to “Samurai something” not having such a great week. But the ensuing discussion changes Derick’s perspective on rewards for his efforts. Josh chimes in and says that he is good. John then […]

  • Episode 15 Tracking Conversions

    Episode 15 Tracking Conversions

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast John accuses Derick of being an amateur broadcaster. Josh spins off into analysis of his Tweeter advertising campaign with detailed ups and downs of his past week. Derick’s week reveals pandemonium in the data base at as he quickly jumps to its rescue after causing Signalleaf to crash, but the show […]

  • Episode 14 Headline Matters

    Episode 14 Headline Matters

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast The EntreProgrammers continue progress as they reveal how they achieved their entrepreneurial gains. Congratulations to Josh on his new editing position which he talks about in this episode; this truly is great example of the rewards that can be gained from hard work and Josh demonstrates this in detail. What’s that; Signalleaf […]

  • Episode 13 HuBoard

    Episode 13 HuBoard

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast HuBoard creator, Ryan Rauh from Austin, Texas, is featured guest of The Entreprogrammers Podcast with John, Derick and Josh. Ryan talks about how long it took him to develop HuBoard which is “instant project management for GitHub repositories.” Ryan also gets into legal issues that he had to address in his HuBoard […]